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We Do Full Service

Trend Hunting - Sourcing - Design - Development - Paper Pattern - Production - Quality Control - Logistics.






We make for our customer's trend hunting round the globus, we create the design's,

source the fabrics & accessories and development the styles & collection's.





Quality Control

Our partnership-Factories in Asia are highly skilled in the production of performance garments (seam sealed, breathable, waterproof garments) such as work and casual wear.


We believe qualities about respecting our customer's requirements on fabrics, features, pattern/fit, sizes, workmanship and timing.



Social Responsibility

We only works with produsers who pay fair wages and give good working conditions to their employers. A long lasting and close partnership with them enable us transparency in this domain.


We only use down and feathers coming from the food industry. No animals has to killed for the production of our garments.




Wew organise the import of the goods to the nominated harbour / airport or to the warehouse.

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